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    Designing for Liminal Equus (A Holistic Barn Connecting Humans and Horses)

    photo credit: Liminal Equus website

    Our latest design commissioning was a logo for a wonderful lady named Joy Kennedy. Joy owns and operates a very unique organization called Liminal Equus.

    Liminal Equus is a holistic barn that practices Presence and Mindfulness, while engaging the sacred bond between humans and horses. In additions to our horse community, we are a sanctuary for bunnies, sheep, chickens, and two great Pyrenees dogs . We are dedicated to the path of educating ourselves in Animal Psychology, Herd Psychology, Natural Horsemanship, and Holistic Animal Husbandry.

    ​One of the key focuses of Liminal Equus is to foster the connection between humans and horses, and that happens through something Joy calls Equine Forest Yoga! Here’s a description of Equine Forest Yoga from Joy’s website:

    Equine Forest Yoga is an inter-species moving meditation between horse and human. This is a heart centered practice that opens the door to a deep emotional experience that dissolves boundaries and invites participants to question, breathe and make space to connect with Self, Animals and the Natural World. 

    This is a spiritual discipline that offers integration of Heart, Mind and Body through the practice of breath control, simple meditation, specific bodily positions and forest bathing… all of which support general well being, improved physical health, and relaxation. 

    When Joy approached us about designing a logo, we were thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing organization that lined up with our own personal principles.

    For the design, Joy wanted something with a very organic aesthetic… something eye catching and beautiful and that contained the human and equine element. And of course an element of physical yoga needed to be included too.

    As Brandi and I collaborated, we wanted to include the beauty of a horse in motion into the design. We also wanted to capture the elemental aspect of the horse’s mane and tail flowing in the wind, as it galloped. For the human posed element, with guidance from Joy, we decided to choose a being exhibiting a variation of Warrior Pose (Virabhidrasana), with an element of archery thrown in. We chose this pose for it’s strength and freedom. Warrior Pose commemorates the “spiritual warrior”, who bravely battles the universal enemy, self-ignorance (avidya), the ultimate source of all our suffering. (Yoga Journal) 

    I believe this commemoration and healing of self-ignorance is something that really resonates with Liminal Equus and Rachel Harris Creative, and thus, the pose found it’s way into the design.

    If you are interested in learning more about Joy and her wonderful organization, check out her website and book a session:

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